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2018 Data Science Bowl Winners Announced

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Imagine unleashing the power of artificial intelligence to automate a critical component of biomedical research, expediting life-saving research in the treatment of almost every disease from rare disorders to the common cold. This could soon be a reality, thanks to the fourth Data Science Bowl, a 90-day competition in which, for the very first time, participants trained deep learning models to examine images of cells and identify nuclei, regardless of the experimental setup—and without human intervention. Algorithms developed in this competition could save researchers hundreds of thousands of hours of effort per year. Read More

2018 Competition Closes: Stay-Tuned for the Official Winner Announcement!

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We took on the challenge to spot nuclei and speed cures by creating solutions to automate nucleus detection. With the help of thousands of people around the globe, the conclusion of this year’s Data Science Bowl points to new beginnings in moving all medical research ahead from major threats like heart disease and diabetes to day to-day ailments like allergies or rare disorders. Read More

Data Science Bowl Deadlines!

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Whether you’re competing or just watching the progress in this year’s Data Science Bowl presented by Booz Allen Hamilton and Kaggle, these dates are milestones you won’t want to miss! Mark your calendar and make sure you enter the Data Science Bowl before it is too late!  Read More