We are true believers. We know the Data Science Bowl® has the power to shift thinking. Defy the odds. Use the past to define an unprecedented future.

The Data Science Bowl is re-imagined each year through the collective thinking and vision of a world-class team.

Through years of practice and many competitive events, we offer exceptional expertise and purpose in using the Data Science Bowl to solve what was once unsolvable.

At the same time, we bring true passion for using data science to bring us clear insights about the future. Join us to be part of something bigger than any one of us.

A Little History

The Data Science Bowl was first imagined by data science experts at Booz Allen. We were clear about our mission: data science for social good. So we sought a partner that shared our passion and offered an exceptional, global community of data scientists who could help bring our vision to life. Kaggle and Booz Allen joined forces and founded the Data Science Bowl which launched in 2014.

Booz Allen Hamilton

Data Science Bowl Sponsor (boozallen.com)

Dr. Josh Sullivan
Dr. Josh SullivanSenior Vice President
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Data Science Bowl Sponsor (kaggle.com)

Anthony Goldbloom
Anthony GoldbloomFounder & CEO, Kaggle
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William Cukierski, PhD
William Cukierski, PhDHead of Competitions
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Sponsors Sought

Use your powers to advance the social good.

The Data Science Bowl is community in action on a global scale. The competition thrives when our sponsors dive in to help us carry the torch for social good while offering solutions and assets to further the cause.

Sponsors gain access to a global community of elite data scientists … and recognition as a leader at the intersection of data science and social good.

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