We believe, more than ever, in the power of crowdsourcing. It is the heart of the Data Science Bowl®, the muscle that matters in the fight to find new breakthroughs to big problems.

The inquiring minds of thousands of participants thrive on collaboration and open solutions. We are a community like no other. Social media connects our message with the masses and the most pivotal specialists at the same time.

This is the place to land when you want share something or learn what’s happening. Whether you compete or not, you can help change the game:

  • Use your voice to reinforce our common goal: data science for social good
  • Be the megaphone—increase awareness of the issue and the competition
  • Tap your network and get people talking about what we’re doing
  • Share and comment on posts to keep the conversation going
  • Validate how science draws out the meaning of big data
Your voice matters! Talk us up. Read the latest. Comment. Learn. Share. It could be the link to the next big breakthrough! This is our time and this is our way.