Spot Nuclei. Speed Cures.

Your Mission: Nucleus Detection

Perhaps we’ve known people suffer through diseases like cancer, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Alzheimer’s, or diabetes. Unfortunately, we’ve sometimes been with our loved ones when they haven’t been able to overcome these diseases. Think how many lives would be transformed if we could accelerate the diagnoses and the path to identify protocols for better quality of life and cures.

By automating nucleus detection, you could help unlock cures faster for everything from rare disorders to the common cold.

Why nuclei?

Identifying the cells’ nuclei is the starting point for most analyses because most of the human body’s 30 trillion cells contain a nucleus full of DNA, the genetic code that programs each cell. Identifying nuclei allows researchers to identify each individual cell in a sample, and by measuring how cells react to various treatments, researchers can understand the underlying biological processes at work.

Why you?

By participating, you can work within a team to:

  • Bring hope faster—Automating the process will shorten research times and bring cures to market sooner, helping future patients faster
  • Help researchers understand DNA—Opening a window into the behavior of DNA will help scientists discover how diseases function
  • Speed new drugs—Identifying nuclei will allow for more efficient drug testing, shortening the approximately 10 years it takes for each new drug to come to market

What will participants do?

Teams will create a computer model that can identify a range of nuclei across varied conditions. By observing patterns, asking questions, and building a model, participants will have a chance to push state-of-the-art technology farther.

What is the prize?

We’ll award $100,000 in cash prizes.

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1st Place
+ NVIDIA® DGX Station™


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Your work could save lives.

You’ll gain the satisfaction that comes from using your data science skills to help make the world a better place:

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