One of the most important roles that we should be embracing right now is training the next-generation workforce in the art and science of data. Data literacy is a fundamental literacy that should be imparted at the earliest levels of learning, and it should continue through all years of education. While it’s never too early to begin teaching the fundamentals, it’s also never too late.

If you are participating in the Data Science Bowl and have family or friends who simply don’t understand what it’s all about, or what you do ‘with computers’ in your job, then these are the resources for you.

I recently gave a keynote titled, “Data Science for All” during the 7th International Big Data & Analytics Conference. In the video, you’ll hear informative and accessible examples of data science, machine learning, and statistics that can be used to communicate the power, uses, and possible misuses of data to non-data scientists, including students (of all ages), colleagues, and even your parents so they can understand what makes data literacy so much fun and such a valuable ally in any organization or career.

Two “…For Dummies” books can also help to bring data literacy to non-technical folks:

And just for good measure, here’s one more that I believe is an excellent data literacy companion: The Data Journalism Handbook.