The 2017 Data Science Bowl (DSB), Turning Machine Intelligence Against Lung Cancer, was nominated for a 2018 SXSW Interactive Innovation Award, chosen as a in the category of Health, Med, & BioTech.

The SXSW advisory board reviewed hundreds of applications from around the world before selecting finalists. In each of the 13 categories, the board chose the top five entries in what SXSW calls, “the world’s best and most forward-thinking.”

The 2017 DSB competition attracted thousands of participants and advocates from around the world and across multiple disciplines and industries, as well as corporate, academic and non-profit partners and sponsors, and a $1 million dollar prize purse, provided by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, to support the cause. Because the format of the competition involves learning and improving upon the work of others, the DSB is an innovative opportunity for new, developing and seasoned data scientists to test their skill all while taking on a social good problem.

The 2017 DSB competitors used machine intelligence to fight lung cancer, which strikes 225,000 people in the U.S. every year and accounts for $12 billion in healthcare costs. The winning teams’ algorithms examined diagnostic lung scans with the goal of allowing patients to get earlier access to life-saving interventions, and giving radiologists more time to address the needs of positively diagnosed patients.

Preliminary findings from the 2017 DSB suggest that the top 10 solutions outperform best-in-class models by 10 percent with a moderate, but clinically meaningful, decrease in false positives. Medical scientists at the National Institutes of Health and their colleagues are currently working to integrate ensemble models of the winning solutions into clinical prototypes. A first step in getting the results into clinical use is integrating the algorithms into practical, open-source, clinic-ready software and systems.

The 2017 Data Science Bowl, presented by Booz Allen Hamilton and Kaggle, will be part of the Interactive Innovation Awards Showcase on Sunday, March 11, where 65 finalists across 13 categories will exhibit their work for SXSW registrants, who vote to determine the winner of the People’s Choice Award. Meanwhile, the panel of SXSW Innovation Awards judges vote to determine the winners of each of the 13 categories. Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on Tuesday, March 13, 2018.