5 Awesome Problems Solved Through Data Science

5 Awesome Problems Solved Through Data Science

5 Awesome Problems Solved Through Data Science

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5 Awesome Problems Solved Through Data Science

Booz Allen does not just have a data science team. Yes, we are proud of our industry leading, 600+ member group of data scientists; but that team is not evidence of our firm simply checking a box in the technology market. Our data science capabilities, in contrast, are indicative of our diagnostic fascination with finding new, better ways of answering our world’s oldest questions.

To celebrate data science as a discipline against the backdrop of our Data Science Bowl, we have pulled together a selection of a few of our favorite problems solved by analytics. Here’s to growing this list in 2016 and beyond:

Predicting pass or run in the NFL

Last spring, we unveiled our BlitzD application for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, capable of predicting the next play of an NFL game in real-time. The platform awed audiences at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, and we hope to one day bring this technology to a sideline near you.

batters box

From the boardroom to the batter’s box     

Also from our Sports Analytics team, this model is capable of predicting the next pitch in an MLB game with an average of 74.5 percent accuracy. The initial framework encompassed 400 pitchers and officially launched our work in the sports world.

Wait, where should I park?

We analyzed open, public data from the San Francisco Police Department’s CABLE system and were able to pinpoint when and where it is most likely for your car to be stolen in the city; an incredible use case of data science’s direct ability to fight crime.

digital disease

Digital Disease Detection

Our Epidemico team’s HealthMap platform uses public data to provide real-time, population health tracking around the world. This technology has become a trusted asset for global healthcare experts, international travelers and everyone looking to stay healthier, all year long.

Book your flights yesterday

Our analytics team works deeply within the airline industry and, last year, discovered that booking behavior has shifted by one week, resulting in earlier consumer competition for seats.


—Written by Young Bang