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Nearly 10,000 Global Problem Solvers Yield Winning Formulas to Improve Detection of Lung Cancer in Third Annual Data Science Bowl

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May 2, McLean, VA – Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH) and Kaggle today announced the winners of the third annual Data Science Bowl, a competition that harnesses the power of data science and crowdsourcing to tackle some of the world’s toughest problems. This year’s challenge brought together nearly 10,000 participants from across the world. Collectively they spent more than an estimated 150,000 hours and submitted nearly 18,000 algorithms—all aiming to help medical professionals detect lung cancer earlier and with better accuracy.

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Data Science News: AI Detection of Skin Cancer

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As the third Data Science Bowl focuses on early detection of lung cancer using patient scans, researchers at Stanford University recently developed an algorithm to detect skin cancer from photographs. This algorithm, which matches the performance of dermatologists when diagnosing skin lesions, could have a significant effect on remote diagnosis, especially given the team’s goal of adapting it for use on a smartphone. Read more on Stanford News about how a “Deep learning algorithm does as well as dermatologists in identifying skin cancer.”

2017 #DataSciChat: Tips, Techniques, and that “Ah-Ha!” Moment

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Graphic by Marc Smith, Director, Social Media Research Foundation

The Data Science Bowl is dedicated to using the power of data to solve the world’s most difficult challenges. But we know that uncovering breakthroughs is impossible alone.

In that spirit, on Thursday, January 26, the Data Science Bowl hosted a Twitter chat for the community of problem-solvers dedicated to thinking bigger, asking the right questions, and this year, ending lung cancer as we know it. Read More

Data Analysis on Aviation Accidents

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Hey there! My name is Katherine Larson and I joined on as a Data Scientist in July 2016, though I had been interning with the firm since 2014. Since my first internship with Booz Allen, it’s been embedded in my head that data is the key to everything. All the trends in the data hold meaning, but it’s up to us to discover what that meaning is through data science techniques. Read More

To Some It’s a Competition; To Me It’s Personal

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Vegetarians don’t understand what I am about to tell you.  I know they like to tell you that veggie-burgers can be just as good; but anyone with a true addiction to the great North American bovine knows it is simply false.  So here it goes: my father has not had a cheeseburger in 18 months.  On the law of averages in this country that would make him a carnivorous outlier.  But Bernie is no ordinary carnivore.  Dad is a man who enjoys his burgers so much that a table of raucous companions would come to silence on the rare occasion he would order any another dish at a restaurant.  But he has not had a burger in 18 months.  The sad fact is that cancer not only takes the people we love, it can also take a way of life.   Read More

Turning Machine Intelligence Against Cancer

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In the U.S., cancer will strike two in every five people in their lifetimes. But it affects all of us.

That’s why, in 2015, the office of the Vice President announced the Cancer Moonshot. It’s an audacious effort to make a decade’s worth of progress in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in just five years.

Beginning today, the 2017 Data Science Bowl will pursue one of the Cancer Moonshot’s key goals: unleashing the power of data against this deadly disease. Presented by Booz Allen and Kaggle, the competition will convene the data science and medical communities to develop cancer detection algorithms, and help end the disease as we know it. Read More

How Data Science Can Help Cure Cancer

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I will never forget that call.image001

“Kelly has cancer,” my dad said softly.

Knees weak, I sat down on the bed. I didn’t know if my sister was going to live. And, despite us having spent decades doing everything together, she’d have to fight this battle on her own. I’m not the only one who’s heard that kind of call. The moment I experienced was not singular to me, it is one that is repeated over 12.7 million times each year – with over half of those ultimately not surviving. Read More