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The Countdown Is On! Data Science Bowl 2018

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Get Ready!

Soon we’ll launch the 2018 Data Science Bowl and this year’s challenge is our most daring yet.

Each year, data scientists compete to help solve one of the world’s complex problems:

  • In 2015, over 8,000 competitors worked to assess ocean health at speed and scale. The winning algorithm beat the state of the art by more than 10%.
  • In 2016, nearly 5,000 participants applied analytics to cardiology, with a team of hedge fund traders scoring a surprising win.
  • In 2017, upwards of 10,000 data wranglers across over 2,350 teams, pledged to improve lung cancer screening—sparking a follow-on contest to bring the winners’ advances from concept to clinic.

On January 16, we’ll unveil the new challenge—a mission to move all medical research ahead.

Get your team ready to roll!

Concept to Clinic Challenge

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Bridging the AI Application Gap Between Developers, Radiologists and Patients to Detect Lung Cancer Earlier

The focus of the Concept to Clinic challenge is to make Artificial Intelligence (AI) advances useful — not just for data scientists interested in cutting-edge methods, but for clinicians working on the front lines of lung cancer detection and the patients they serve. Read More

Crystal Ball

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In the past three years, the Data Science Bowl (DSB) has made inspiring changes in the world. Together, we’ve tapped into a collective ingenuity to tackle real world issues, like cancer, with data. Here at Booz Allen, we want to advance the art of data science by continually showing that the most pressing problems can be met by impactful solutions when we harness the power of data and use it for social good. There are a variety of trends impacting our challenge: Read More

Three years. No limits.

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We had lofty ambitions when we created the Data Science Bowl. We wanted to create an event that would give the Data Science community the opportunity to affect change on a global scale. We wanted to solve the previously impossible. We wanted to give a voice to those who had none. Read More